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Training is essential.

95% of all American short-term mission participants don’t receive training before going on their trip. Without training, teams are far more likely to do more harm than good and possibly break the relationships they sought to build.

Proper training not only improves the way you do missions, but it transforms the way you live your life.

Mission is a lifestyle.

Sharing the gospel in word and deed isn’t just for pastors or vocational missionaries. Our training equips youth to engage with God and the world around them in culturally relevant and effective ways.

Missions experts with 30+ years experience.

We’ve learned a lot over the years about the right and wrong ways to serve and we know firsthand how valuable missions training is.

Training makes the difference.

Touch the World training provides a clearer understanding and appreciation for the things that we have, while awakening a desire to do missions locally and around the world. The missions training experience gives youth a spiritual experience that empowers and affirms their identity in Christ and the calling we all have to fulfill The Great Commission.

Brenda Rivera

Youth Leader, Cityline Church

Touch the World did not only deepen my understanding of missions, but of ministry all together.

Every single second, minute, hour, and day was incredible and life changing for me and my team as we participated in the Touch the World training.

Minister Reggie Alvarez

Youth Leader, Christian Cultural Center

If you’ve engaged fully in Touch the World training— and you’ve engaged in culture, poverty, evangelism, identity, God— then you can no longer just walk down the street and look at people the same. You may choose to, but you cannot unknow what you’ve learned.

Nicole Dedrick

Youth Leader, Cornerstone Christian Church

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