3-Day Missions Training Retreat

Our Goal

To provide training that would allow teams to have maximum impact in both their own transformation and the local communities they are serving. This 3-day retreat will prepare your team fully for your mission trip. You will sleep in tents, learn practical tips for your trip, engage in team building exercises, training sessions, meaningful worship and hear relevant speakers. Once you do this training, we are sure that you’ll never take a trip without training again.

Why Training?

In-depth mission training helps teams go as humble learners and servants.

Without adequate training:
  • Teams can unintentionally cause harm
  • Little to no long term change will occur in host communities
  • No significant long term change will occur in team members


What Topics Are Covered?

1. Culture & Worldview:

Learn how to interact with those that are different than us with sensitivity and how to understand culture with thoughtful intelligence.

2. Poverty:

Explores the question “What is poverty?” within a Biblical context and how we relate with those from different socio-economic levels than us.

3. Story & Communication:

Understand how to share our story in a way that leads others to the Gospel and how to communicate in a cross-cultural setting with maximum effectiveness.

4. Helping without Harming:

Learn the principles to follow in order to do missions well and wrestle with some common ways that those with good intentions can unintentionally cause harm.

5. Poverty Challenge:

Participate in a simulation where teams make decisions as a family living on $2/day and are forced to consider difficult situations that are normative for those in economic poverty.

Other Essential Components Of Missions Training:
  • Team Building
  • Worship
  • Experiential Prayer
  • Cultural Simulations

What’s Included?

$249 per person for a 3-day training at our Mission Training Center in Saylorsburg, PA.
*We encourage you to build this into the cost of your trip and have the students fundraise the training cost. 

The question is… can you afford not to do in-depth mission training prior to your trip?


  • All costs for the 3-days including food & lodging
  • Custom Journal, Field Guide, Devotional, Re-entry Guide per participant
  • T-shirt and other team gear
  • Pre-Training curriculum & guides for additional trip preparation
Does NOT include:

  • Transportation to and from Mission Training (located in Poconos, PA)
  • Costs associated with your mission trip.