Giving to a cause means investing in making a difference.  When you give, you want to know that your dollars are yielding tangible results.  In financial terms, you want to know the return on investment.  But most importantly, you want to see how lives are being transformed for Christ through your contributions.

TTW is concerned that so many of our youth are being drawn away from the Christian faith. You have likely witnessed yourself that the youth in our churches are leaving the faith as college students or young adults. What impact will this have on the Church in ten years from now if we don’t interfere with this paradigm and tackle it head on?

Studies show that the most pivotal time for someone to commit their life to Christ is between the ages of 8 – 18 years old.  This is why TTW implements a targeted approach to missions and developing a mission mind-set at this crucial stage of life.  By taking youth out of their comfort-zone during these formative years and giving them an intimate experience with God, their chances of embracing their faith on a personal level are much higher.  Through our focus on equipping youth with the tools they need to catalyze their faith and make it personal, tangible, and actionable on a daily basis, we believe we can help in shifting this trend.

From our exceptional pre-trip training curriculum, on-location focus into service, poverty, and culture, and follow-up emphasis on mentorship after a trip, we have seen how this can equip youth to live out the mission of God, everyday and everywhere they may go.

TTW’s experience of being a world-class missions organization is truer today than ever before; we continue our relentless approach to improve the standards of our ministry.  Let your voice be heard as you invest in making a difference in the lives of our youth that are the future of our faith.


We specialize in training pre-trip to fully prepare individuals and teams for ministry in culturally relevant and effective ways. Not only do we believe in preparing teams for service, we focus on building disciples to live out the mission of God everyday, everywhere. TTW also fully equips team leaders to guide and mentor their team through this life-changing experience.


TTW carefully chooses mission locations based upon like-minded ministry philosophy and through long-term partnership. On location, we find that the greatest transformation comes through exposure to the elements of service, culture and poverty. Utilizing team devotionals and curriculum on site, intentional discussion helps facilitate increased growth and transformation in each team member.


We focus on extensive debriefing on-location and at the end of the trip to help equip team members to return home and continue to live a life of mission. TTW also provides opportunities for team members to take their passion for missions to a deeper level through our Venture Program internship or through partnership with local ministries for service opportunities throughout the year in your own neighborhood.