Frequently Asked Questions

Is Touch the World affiliated with a denomination?
Touch the World is an interdenominational organization and is not directly affiliated with any specific denomination or church. Participants from all denominations and backgrounds are welcome on our mission trips; TTW adheres to the basic doctrines found in The Apostle’s Creed.
Who will lead my trip?
TTW trains adult team leaders to lead each of the mission trips. All leaders are required to participate in Missions Training with their team. All leaders have been interviewed by TTW staff, provided references which are contacted and have had a federal background check and clearance.

If you have a group with your own leaders, TTW takes great pride in our leader training program to adequately prepare and equip the adults that will be leading your team. Leader Training typically takes place as a one day seminar or is worked into the Missions Training schedule and is included in the cost of your missions trip.

What will I be doing at each location?
TTW’s missionaries strive to give students a well rounded experience where they are exposed to culture, poverty and service in varying aspects. Children’s ministry, orphan care, work projects, prayer, and social outreaches are all possible opportunities to serve. Each specific location has their unique ministry and TTW believes in partnering alongside the ministry host in their ongoing outreaches and efforts on the ground.
Will we be working with other groups?
Touch the World does their best to ensure that our teams will be the only ones partnering with the missionary host at any given time on location. There have been situations in the past when other teams have overlapped their stay with ours, but we only allow this when we know with certainty that the host has enough personnel on the ground to adequately support our team.
Is transportation included?

All ground (in-country) transportation is included in the trip price. If you are traveling with a group, check with your group coordinator to see what transportation is included.

With the exception of the LEAD Program, airfare is not included in the estimated trip cost since those prices vary depending on time of year, size of group, and how early you apply. Additionally, all team members are responsible for their own transportation to/from Missions Training.

Can I book my own airfare?
No. TTW works together with a travel agent to find the best prices on the best possible flights that ensure the safety of our teams. Flights are also reserved well in advance at group rates.
Are there any additional expenses for my team?
All basic necessities such as food, housing, transportation, and ministry projects are included in your trip fee. The only extra money needed on location is spending money. Some locations ask for specific items to be donated to help bless their ministry. TTW will let you know in your information packet what these items would be. Additional expenses you should prepare for:

  • Non-refundable Application Fee
  • Passport application fee and photos, if needed
  • Doctor’s fee for physical examination (only needed for those on daily medications)
  • Travel medications and immunizations, recommended for some international locations (Yellow Fever on average costs $130 and Typhoid $90 plus consultation fees)
  • Notary fees (please note that TTW offers notary services at no charge)
  • Traveler’s Insurance (REQUIRED for all flying/international teams)
  • Supplies for support raising such as envelopes, printing costs, and stamps
  • Special clothing or other items needed for training or trip (i.e. work boots, sleeping bag, water bottle, sunscreen, bug spray, etc.)
  • Transportation to Mission Training and pick-up
  • Any medical expenses incurred while on the trip.
  • Additional transportation costs incurred if a participant is sent home early for any reason
  • Late fees See Financial Policy
  • Cancellation or penalty fees in the event of cancellation See Financial Policy
How much spending money is needed?
For most teams, $25-$50 is more than enough. For teams traveling to Africa, we suggest $75-$100 as team members usually want to buy more souvenirs at this location. All team expenses including food, housing and transportation are built into the trip cost.
Will I be able to call home or talk to the team participant while traveling?
TTW discourages the use of cell phones during the trip and prohibits frequent communication with home to enable all team members to fully engage in their trip. Team Leaders are always able to be reached in case of an emergency. Every team member is required to make phone contact with a parent or family member upon their arrival at the mission destination. Team members will also contact home upon arriving back in the US from an international location.