For Schools

Unique School Partnership Program for Wholistic Missions Curriculum Integration
We understand that today’s Christian Schools are looking for both a competitive edge in the market and a world-class curricular program that makes them an outstanding place for parents to entrust with educating their children. TTW comes alongside schools to provide Missions-focused curriculum and a tailored program to fit the individual and unique needs of a school. Regardless of the size or resources available, TTW will be able to work with your school to create a program that will engage students in service learning and provide opportunities for them to live out their faith in action.

What Do We Provide?

  1. Schools choose a missions trip location(s) and dates for trips.  
  2. TTW provides all the trip logistics from A-Z.
  3. TTW also provides corresponding missions curriculum to train students to serve effectively and for maximum personal transformation, all while building global competence and meeting curriculum core standards.  
  4. Go!  Schools send off their teams for service!
  5. TTW helps with the re-entry and debrief process upon their return.

Schools can choose from a variety of curriculum components to offer service hours or even provide a credit-bearing course:


  1. The Missions Academy – Online curriculum broken up into three courses full of various modules for pre-trip training and post-trip follow up.  Includes Instructional Guides for facilitating teachers.
  2. Missions Training Live – A three-day Retreat, joining with other schools for a collaborative learning experience that will train students in how to engage culture, poverty and service for ultimate effectiveness on their missions trip.
  3. Trip Field Guide, Devotional Journal & Re-Entry Journals
  4. Pre-Trip Team Building Day with ropes course and communication exercises
  5. Fundraising Workshops