We have received the Quote Agreement for your team and we are seriously jumping-for-joy excited to have the opportunity to serve alongside you this summer!

Use this toolbox and step-by-step guide as you plan for your trip. Make sure you read it thoroughly and reference it often. You don’t want to miss any valuable information!

The Mission Center property
For Groups Attending Missions Training Only & Serving At Their Own Location:
Use step 2 and step 3 to build your team! The rest of the toolbox is bonus material that may be helpful to you in your planning (don’t forget to scroll to the bottom for important trip resources and tools).

Step 1 : Promote Your Trip

Follow the link below to access resources to help you start promoting your trip. Included are photos, videos, and templates to create your own social media posts, as well as trip overview pages you can print and hand out.


Step 2 : Start with Pre-Applications

We suggest you start with a pre-application that will help you get a good idea of who is seriously interested in the trip before you share the online TTW application link with participants. Click the button below to see what we have found works best, along with helpful information on how to choose your team leaders and team members.

Step 3 : Team Member Registration

Once you have completed pre-applications and are ready to build your team, you will receive a custom link to share with all trip participants.

Individuals will be directed to register, submit their deposit and create their fundraising page if applicable. Upon submission of the registration, each participant will receive a confirmation email with next steps to fill out a background check authorization (if applicable), and a team member tool box with special information for the trip.

Step 4 : Collect Remaining Forms

The remaining forms need to be completed in order to participate.

These forms have already been completed and digitally signed in the application process: 


Step 5 : Raise the Funds

The idea of fundraising may feel intimidating and daunting. Your role as the Group Coordinator is to help your team view this as an opportunity to excite the church body about participating with you and to include family, friends, and even strangers to be a part of the work that God is going to do! 

It may seem like a lot to raise – and it is! But the good news is that it is not up to you to raise it all. God wants to be included in the process so that He can reveal his gift of provision to your team. The first step in the missions trip journey is to trust in God to provide the way and then get to work! We are providing you with numerous resources for getting started on your team fundraising for you to share with your team members. Check out the Support Raising Guide to get started.

Remember to emphasize with your team that fundraising is a team effort.  Although each participant will have a personal goal to meet, the overall focus is on making sure the entire team meets their funding goal.


Tim Dedrick

Missions Director

Questions? We are here to help!

Contact Tim: [email protected]
(cell phone is for Group Coordinator use only)

*all other team correspondence can be directed to [email protected]