The Venture Project



Every young adult goes through a period of self discovery, where they learn to identify who they are and what they believe as individuals. Often the process is messy and hard to navigate. When Jacob wrestled with God, he was struggling through feelings of fear, mixed with a desire to trust in the promises God made to him. Our goal at TTW is to create a safe space for that wrestling to happen. We want interns to ask the hard questions that will develop a biblical worldview and bring them to a deeper understanding of God’s design on their life. We believe that these moments of self-discovery occur best when being exposed to a new culture and when coming face-to-face with poverty.  Therefore, this missions internship intentionally includes service in local and global ministries, personal development and leadership opportunities, and spiritual formation. There are lots of summer internships our there and even many nonprofit internships and ministry internships, but The Venture Project is more than an internship. We want this Summer to be a journey where you can discover more about yourself and God’s calling on your life and future.


Global Missions

Travel and work alongside TTW’s global mission partners and be fully immersed in service, poverty, and culture. You will explore the biblical response to poverty on the field and come to a deeper understanding of God’s heart for the poor.

Personal Development

Attend seminars with local leaders and participate in lively discussions with TTW staff where you will dive into topics such as leadership, poverty, justice, prayer, and the changing face of missions.


Share meals and stories, dig into the Word, and do life together as a team. Witness how working in a ministry is more than a 9-to-5 job, but a family of like-minded people working together to further the Kingdom.

Spiritual Formation

Learn about and practice spiritual disciplines, discover how you naturally connect with God, and develop practical methods of connecting with God in more tangible ways to deepen your faith journey and relationship with Christ.

TTW Behind The Scenes

Work alongside TTW staff and assist in planning, preparing, and producing the Summer Mission Trainings. Mission Trainings are the lifeblood of TTW culture, and you will get an inside look at the commitment it takes to work in full-time ministry.

What People Are Saying

TTW has not only made a temporary impact on my life and where I want to be in the future, but also an eternal impact. This organization has stirred my affection for Jesus, challenged me outside of my comfort zone, taught me life-long skills, and even equipped me with knowledge that has helped me in my college courses!

- Bethany

I took a gap year between high school and college and was really just trying to discover who I was, and what God's plan for my life was. I became an intern with TTW and the Lord used that time to transform me in ways I wouldn't have imagined. Those I have met through TTW and my internship have been a main source of guidance for me as I seek to pursue full-time ministry after college.

- Jackson

The Venture Project was one of the most incredible growing experiences of my life. Everyday I had the privilege of working alongside genuinely caring individuals who encouraged me to claim my faith as my own. Living on mission is an everyday choice that clicked all the more in my heart as well as in my mind with the help of this life-changing internship.

- Julia