Summer Internship

June 15 - August 11 2020
Apply by March 31

Serve behind the scenes with TTW and get hands-on ministry experience! Learn what it takes to run Missions Training (MT)— the centerpoint of our ministry— by working alongside us both in the office and at The Mission Center. Be a part of helping teens grow in their understanding of mission, culture, and poverty, while also expanding your faith and worldview.

  • Group Devotional and Spiritual Centering Times
  • Personal Development Opportunities
  • Mentorship Opportunities with TTW Staff
  • Next level training in culture, poverty, and missions
  • Engage in TTW Company Culture
In the Office

Learn the ins-and-outs of nonprofit ministry work by assisting with Summer MT preparation and other behind-the-scenes tasks in the office. You’ll get to see how different skills and passions — administration, media, writing, discipleship, event planning — can be used in a missional setting.

Missions Trainings (MT)

Jump head-first into Summer MT by working alongside TTW from Set-Up to Clean-Up. You’ll develop hands-on experience as you invest in our teams during our three-day trainings by helping fill needs in photography, grounds crew, media, hospitality, and more! See what it takes to be on the leadership side of ministry.


Interns can earn up to $1600 for the whole summer.
($200/week for a maximum total of 8 weeks.)

  • Serve alongside our team in the office M-F, 8:30am-4pm (except during MT).
  • Participate in all MTs (see below for dates), including set-up and clean-up.
  • Be team players. Ministry requires collaboration and flexibility!
  • Have a Learning Mindset. Although we are the “trainers,” we are constantly learning and growing. Humility is key.
MT Dates 2020*

June 26-28
July 1-3
July 30-Aug 1
Aug 6-8

*allot at least a day before and after for set-up and clean-up

Application Deadline

March 31