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Venture Project Interns will have the opportunity to spend up to two weeks serving with ministry partners around the world.  During that time, interns will work alongside missionaries, participate in culture, engage in poverty, and serve as the hands and feet of Christ.  Experience the Body of Christ, the global Church, coming together in worship through work at an international, intercultural scale.  Whether you go to NYC or Timbuktu, God is at work in those places and you will have the opportunity to join in the Kingdom work that is happening.  Your mission trip location will be announced following your acceptance to the Venture Project, be prepared for anything!



We specialize in training pre-trip to fully prepare individuals and teams for ministry in culturally relevant and effective ways. Not only do we believe in preparing teams for service, we focus on building disciples to live out the mission of God everyday, everywhere. TTW also fully equips team leaders to guide and mentor their team through this life-changing experience.


TTW carefully chooses mission locations based upon like-minded ministry philosophy and through long-term partnership. On location, we find that the greatest transformation comes through exposure to the elements of service, culture and poverty. Utilizing team devotionals and curriculum on site, intentional discussion helps facilitate increased growth and transformation in each team member.


We focus on extensive debriefing on-location and at the end of the trip to help equip team members to return home and continue to live a life of mission. TTW also provides opportunities for team members to take their passion for missions to a deeper level through our Venture Program internship or through partnership with local ministries for service opportunities throughout the year in your own neighborhood.