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Christians in Cuba are hungry for the Word of God. What was started by TTW more than ten years ago with only twelve students has grown to thousands who are following Christ and meeting weekly in Bible clubs across every province of Cuba. Come encourage our brothers and sisters, build relationships, and support a generation of future leaders for Christ!

Partner with our TTW club ministry that disciples the youth of Cuba and encourages them in their faith. The ministry was started when 12 Cuban students shared with friends about their club. Seeds were planted and today there are more than 2,000 youth being discipled every week in churches and homes across the island. There are now 176 clubs scattered among all the main provinces of Cuba. The Christian church in Cuba is strong in faith and spirit, but is in need of encouragement and creative ways to evangelize among their friends and families. There are many ways you can help bless the church in Cuba.  This is an opportunity to invest deeply in building relationships and to gain understanding of the global church. Discover the mighty ways God is at work in a place determined to keep people from knowing Him.

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All of our teams serving in a short-term capacity are trained to do so with a long-term view. TTW's desire is to encourage the full-time missionaries in their roles, providing them with extra hands, fellowship, and oftentimes as respite from the long, hard work they do on a daily basis. Therefore, our service is viewed less as "look at all that I can accomplish" and more from a heart of "in what little ways can I be a blessing."

With this in mind, your trip will coincide with one of the highlight's of our cuban teens year: Camp! Your team will take part in training sessions and learning alongside your Cuban brothers and sisters. You may also help with grunt work to make camp a reality for the several hundred teens that will attend.

Each day will include the following components and typically follow this schedule:


-Personal Quiet Time/Devotions

-Group Devotions






-Evening Reflection

Most teams will have one day set aside for sightseeing or shopping for souvenirs that will typically take place towards the end of the trip. Each teams also spend one of their last days in a time of debrief to prepare them to return home and reflect upon all that they have learned through their experience.

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