Lynn, Mass


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Serve in the city of Lynn by partnering with a local church as they let the community know there is a place where they will be accepted. Your team will have the opportunity to share love through simple acts of service such as offering free beverages to the community, cleaning up garbage in neighborhoods or by praying for people on the street. Summer teams will also assist the church with their children’s program in the parks.

East Coast International Church is located in the city of Lynn, Massachusetts. Their primary goal is to share that Jesus is a FREE GIFT and that His love will COST NOTHING. To do this, they spend time throughout the week building relationships with people in the community and later invite them to make connections with people and ministries within the church. Come with a willingness to engage with children and prepared to do a lot of hard work and walking as you meet the people of Lynn! You will have the opportunity to engage yourself in multiple conversations with people about Christ and to bring encouragement to local residents.

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All of our teams serving in a short-term capacity are trained to do so with a long-term view. TTW's desire is to encourage the full-time missionaries in their roles, providing them with extra hands, fellowship, and oftentimes as respite from the long, hard work they do on a daily basis. Therefore, our service is viewed less as "look at all that I can accomplish" and more from a heart of "in what little ways can I be a blessing."

Your team will spend most mornings serving the church by assisting in the renovations of the church building, which is a large old warehouse that is being transformed into a place for worship. In the afternoons you may minister to the people of Lynn by completing work projects, offering a free beverage, or praying for people. Summer teams will help promote and serve at the Metro Kids program, an energetic children’s ministry held in local parks.

Each day will include the following components and typically follow this schedule:


-Personal Quiet Time/Devotions

-Group Devotions






-Evening Reflection

Most teams will have one day set aside for sightseeing or shopping for souvenirs that will typically take place towards the end of the trip. Each teams also spend one of their last days in a time of debrief to prepare them to return home and reflect upon all that they have learned through their experience.

Your team will have a one-day outing to nearby Boston, which you will reach by a quick train ride.

Lynn, the largest city in Essex County, is an urban manufacturing and commercial center, densely populated and culturally diverse. Residents are proud of the city's long history, which parallels the history of New England as a whole.

It is located in eastern Massachusetts on the northern shore of Massachusetts Bay. Lynn is 9 miles north of Boston; 51 miles east of Worcester; 95 miles south of Portland, Maine; and 229 miles from New York City.

Today, Lynn with a population of 89,050 continues to thrive and flourish as a community of hard-working people. Lynn is also home to a very large immigrant population which has added to his diversity and complexity.

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