Oswego, NY


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Partner with Grace and Glory Ministries to serve a community in need. Join the ongoing work of this ministry as they disciple and train up those looking to go into full-time ministry as well as meet various needs of the children and families in the area. Put your hands to work as you assist with their summer camp program and contribute to many construction projects around the camp.  The team will be doing construction work in the playground area and participating in a local feeding ministry.

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Relational Ministry

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All of our teams serving in a short-term capacity are trained to do so with a long-term view. TTW's desire is to encourage the full-time missionaries in their roles, providing them with extra hands, fellowship, and oftentimes as respite from the long, hard work they do on a daily basis. Therefore, our service is viewed less as "look at all that I can accomplish" and more from a heart of "in what little ways can I be a blessing."

Each day will include the following components and typically follow this schedule:


-Personal Quiet Time/Devotions

-Group Devotions






-Evening Reflection

Most teams will have one day set aside for sightseeing or shopping for souvenirs that will typically take place towards the end of the trip. Each teams also spend one of their last days in a time of debrief to prepare them to return home and reflect upon all that they have learned through their experience.

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