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Build relationships with the people in the village of Adak (15 kilometers outside of Gulu, Northern Uganda) by being active participants in their daily life and routines. Your team will minister to children, engage in discipleship with teens, pray for the sick, and dig in the gardens with the locals having a true community experience.

The vision for TTW Uganda is “to equip the people to live in communities of sustainability, interdependency, and spiritual transformation.” The ministry’s desire is to assist those most affected by the remnants of war through training in job skills and trades.  The Dream Center helps to facilitate this, as it provides various resources such as a health center, safe water, agricultural projects, ministry programs and vocational skills.


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All of our teams serving in a short-term capacity are trained to do so with a long-term view. TTW's desire is to encourage the full-time missionaries in their roles, providing them with extra hands, fellowship, and oftentimes as respite from the long, hard work they do on a daily basis. Therefore, our service is viewed less as "look at all that I can accomplish" and more from a heart of "in what little ways can I be a blessing."

Your team will be doing community based projects that involve working intimately with village members. Your team will assist on-going projects such as weekly children’s ministry meetings, youth discipleship groups, and community encouragement. You will be challenged to pray for people in desperate need and will spend your time building relationships as you join them in their everyday life. You may also be working alongside the Dream Center workers, helping with work projects that will further the ministry that is changing the face of an entire village.

Each day will include the following components and typically follow this schedule:


-Personal Quiet Time/Devotions

-Group Devotions






-Evening Reflection

Most teams will have one day set aside for sightseeing or shopping for souvenirs that will typically take place towards the end of the trip. Each teams also spend one of their last days in a time of debrief to prepare them to return home and reflect upon all that they have learned through their experience.

Your trip will end with an overnight safari at Murchison Falls National Park, witnessing breathtaking views of waterfalls and an abundance of wildlife you could only dream to find in Africa.

Gulu is a once battered and broken place, now in recovery and rebirth after decades of war and unrest. During the hostilities between the Uganda People's Defense Force and the Lord's Resistance Army there were many IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) camps throughout the area, where at one time, an estimated two million people lived. Effective April 2009, all IDP camps were closed and the people were allowed to return to their villages.

Adak Village, home to Dream Center, was once an IDP camp itself. Fully dismantled since 2010, Adak is now a peaceful community of broken people looking to rebuild their lives. Located 15 kilometers outside of Gulu, it is set-up for great future growth in years to come and is fertile ground for agricultural riches and spiritual revival.

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