The Missions Academy

Engaging Online Training Curriculum for Short-Term Missions
TTW provides training through a dynamic online platform that greatly enhances the personal development, spiritual growth, and global awareness of American short-term mission trip participants for effective and transformative service.

How it works:

Choose from Three Courses:

Pre-Launch, Missions Training and Post-Trip curriculum. Each course will be organized into engaging modules, including videos, short-readings and case studies to spur reflection, related writing prompts and short quizzes for assessment.  Modules will also include edited video of TTW staff discussing specific issues and highlight stories from partner missionaries.

The Courses

Course One:


An introduction to TTW’s unique approach to short-term missions. The exciting initial course comprised of eight modules helps participants rethink their currently held beliefs about God’s work in the world and their participation in God’s work. The course’s primary goals include: Reframing participants’ thinking about assumed understandings of the world, the church, and the self; Introducing key terms to create an appropriate background for Course Two or attendance at TTW’s Missions Training Live. Each module will take participants approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Course Two:

Missions Training

An online version of the on-site Missions Training Live, comprised of six modules. The course includes thoughtful personal reflections for each participant, while also providing excellent guidance for organizational leaders to facilitate primary content in an exciting group context. Primary goals include facilitating personal engagement through a range of individual reflection exercises and feedback and engaging students in dynamic group activities that replicate the impact of the TTW face to face three-day retreat.

Course Three:

Post Trip

Based on the highly regarded TTW Re-entry Journal, the third course uses relevant discussion and engaging video to help participants work through stages of Re-Entry. Goals include: Assisting in providing a healthy and engaged transition to home culture; Facilitating the participants’ processing of experiences; Creating a new vision for life in their home culture.