Year-End Matching Gift

In the midst of many other requests this season from many noteworthy causes, we realize that donors are becoming increasingly discretionary in their support.  Let me assure you today that Touch the World will invest your donation with integrity and transparency into transforming students lives for Christ.  Touch the World is on an upward swing of momentum with results that stand as proof on their own.  God is moving and there are some very exciting ways to give this season.  Join our team of generous supporters and help us continue to write the story of our youth.  


Our board of directors believes so deeply in where we are moving that they have offered a $60,000 matching gift as an incentive to boost our ministry efforts.  This is how the $1 for $1 match will be applied and I urge you to prayerfully consider where your gift can make the most impact!!

  • General (Foundational) Support: $23,000

This is the building block to make the the gears turn in our ministry.  This helps “where most needed” and is such a blessing to have in order to meet needs that arise where there is no other funding available.  

  • Support Raising Staff:  $1,500

Each support raising staff member is eligible to receive a match of up to $1,500 to help boost their support account that helps pay their salary.  Many of our staff give selflessly to serve TTW and ask friends/family to support their ministry.  

  • Cuba Ministry: $10,000

One of our most vibrant and exciting ministries, TTW facilitates youth clubs all across Cuba in over 100 churches in order to disciple youth.  Due to the political/economic situation in Cuba, we must raise more funds in order to support the ministry and continue running the youth clubs and summers camps that are so incredibly transformative.

  • Uganda Ministry: $5,000

The community of Adak in Northern Uganda is thriving but there are still so many needs.  Our medical center that’s established is serving over 200 community members per month while providing maternal care, child care and supporting community health initiatives.  Through this effort discipleship is happening and we want to boost these programs wie bekomm ich viagra.

  • Mexico Ministry: $5,000

In Juarez, Mexico there is a school that TTW founded in order to reach an impoverished community.  Now, it is thriving with over 100 children enrolled whose parents who are deeply invested in their children’s futures and their own.  The school hopes to expand to a Jr. High in order to continue this high-quality education for the students coming through their program.

  • The Mission Center: $5,000

Previously known as “The Barn,” our ministry in Kunkletown, PA has had initial renovations done in order to host Mission Training this past summer and it was wildly successful.  In order to host more youth and improve our quality of trainings, there is still more work to be done.  Help invest in the vital training that youth receive prior to venturing out on their mission trips.

Thank you for your generosity and we are so incredibly thankful that you’ve chosen to invest in the lives of youth through Touch the World.  May God bless you abundantly during this season where we celebrate the birth of our Savior who is redeeming his world back to himself and who has asked us to participate with him!  What an overwhelming grace it is that Jesus offers!!


Merry Christmas!!


Jesse Kroeze


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2015 Year Review



We specialize in training pre-trip to fully prepare individuals and teams for ministry in culturally relevant and effective ways. Not only do we believe in preparing teams for service, we focus on building disciples to live out the mission of God everyday, everywhere. TTW also fully equips team leaders to guide and mentor their team through this life-changing experience.


TTW carefully chooses mission locations based upon like-minded ministry philosophy and through long-term partnership. On location, we find that the greatest transformation comes through exposure to the elements of service, culture and poverty. Utilizing team devotionals and curriculum on site, intentional discussion helps facilitate increased growth and transformation in each team member.


We focus on extensive debriefing on-location and at the end of the trip to help equip team members to return home and continue to live a life of mission. TTW also provides opportunities for team members to take their passion for missions to a deeper level through our Venture Program internship or through partnership with local ministries for service opportunities throughout the year in your own neighborhood.