Year End 2016

You made it happen! Lives of youth are being transformed and their faith is becoming vibrant, purposeful and passionate because of your support.

Thank you so much for your partnership with us and investing in raising up a generation that will embrace a lifestyle of missions in order to change the world. This year we celebrated our 25 year anniversary! I can’t help but to reflect on his faithfulness and be reminded of Psalm 119:90 where it declares that “Your faithfulness continues through all generations.” Through two and a half decades of work, TTW has seen this faithfulness and we stand in awe of the thousands that have been transformed through our program. And the impact continues as we’ve seen incredible growth during throughout the 2016 year.

We rejoice and celebrate together over the many stories of transformation… stories that continue through generations. Thank you for your prayer and support! The team that God is raising up is like a family and we are truly grateful to you for joining us in believing that this is just the beginning. God is raising up a generation of youth that are embracing their faith deeply and passionately as sent ones on mission for His glory! Let’s celebrate this together.

Merry Christmas!


Jesse Kroeze, Executive Director


Double Your Year-End Donation

That’s right. Our Board of Directors believes so deeply in where we are moving that they have offered a $60,000 matching gift as an incentive to boost our ministry efforts. This is how the $1 for $1 match will be applied and I urge you to prayerfully consider where your gift can make the most impact!

General Support / $25,000
Support Raising Staff / $15,000
Cuba Ministry / $5,000
Uganda Ministry / $5,000
Mexico Ministry / $5,000
The Mission Center / $5,000


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